Sima (Eat Healthy) (LeadAfrique)

Sima is a 5 year old who was born and lives in the southern part of Ghana. She is enthusiastic and loves adventure. Sima is curious, persistent, though; sometimes shy but mostly assertive and lives with her parents and two brothers. Her mother’s name is Mama Sima. Her father’s name is Papa Sam. Her older brother’s name is Sim and her younger brothers name is Sai. We will explore her successes and challenges through the years as she works smart to self-actualise.

Sima is a girl of substance and inspired by her every day surroundings. Competitive in nature, Sima wants to be the best that she can be in life. Sima sets herself goals and objectives for achieving simple tasks and activities – whether that is at home, at play or at school. She continuously demonstrates a healthy curiosity about life and people by constantly asking questions about all that she sees, hears, feels, touches and tastes. A knowledge enthusiast, Sima simply wants to ensure that she is a child of promise and a child of substance.

We will be introduced to different friends and family as the different stories unfolds. This book and its brand extentions provide children with an exciting and compelling narrative about an every day issue – whether that is going to the market, or a day out with grandma and grandpa – and allows them to discover character traits and strengths such as taking responsibility, collaboration and teamwork, reasoning skills, communication, and negotiating and compromising..

The objective at all times is to ensure that children start to self-actualise even as they learn through play. 

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